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Response Handling

Many direct mail campaigns include a call to action suggesting some form of response.  

Responses can be via a range of channels including e-mail, fax, postal, telephone or require an online self-completed response.

We can implement and manage a comprehensive solution covering all available channels.  Enabling responses to be handled professionally whilst maintaining the respondents perception that responses are being provided direct to your organisation.

How We Can Help

  • Provide advice on setup of various channels
  • Work with 3rd parties to set up required services e.g. Royal Mail
  • Data capture responses in line with requirements and quality and service levels.

The following details how we can assist with the setup of various response channels.

How it Works for the Different Channels?

[icecolumns number="2"][icecol title="Postal Responses"]Set-up and manage Freepost or Business Reply services, or redirection of any existing service so as all responses are delivered directly to us[/icecol][icecol title="Fax Responses"]Provision of 0845 national local call rate numbers that delivers fax-backs direct to our offices[/icecol][/icecolumns]

[icecolumns number="2"][icecol title="Telephone Call Handling"]Provision of 0845 national local call rate numbers.  Utilising CTI technology we are able to answer calls on your behalf using your salutation.

Once answered intelligent call scripting software effortlessly guides our agents through the decision making and data capture business process. [/icecol][icecol title="SMS Responses"]Provide Responder text messages so when keywords are sent to specific numbers, an automated message can be sent back to the mobile number. 

An alternative to Responders is where your contacts may simply be asked to text a particular number providing some form of information or feedback[/icecol][/icecolumns]

[icecolumns number="2"][icecol title="Email Responses"]Provide a dedicated e-mail address using one of our many specialist domain names.  Alternatively, you could have emails forwarded from your own domain to ourselves.[/icecol][icecol title="Web Based Data Capture"]Set-up and hosting of web based data capture forms to enabling your contacts to enter data directly.[/icecol][/icecolumns]

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