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A DSA Provider is a term for one of the new companies that have entered the postal market over the last few years.

Typically they are able to offer significant discounts when compared to Royal Mail pricing, especially when posting via one of the Mailsorted products.

What do DSA Providers actually do?

They replicate much of the trunking of mail that RM does.   They pick up sorted mail and deliver to the correct RM Inbound Mail Centre.   RM then process and sort this inbound mail into what is referred to as the "final mile", where RM postmen and women then undertake the actual delivery of the mail to the recipient's front door.

Looking to reduce your postage costs?

We work with the main DSA providers and can access the full range of postage products.   To see how much you could save, why not get in touch with us and we will be glad to provide you with the details of how much you could be saving

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