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Polywrapping Services

For many mailing campaigns, polywrapping your mail piece may be the most effective delivery option.  

Typical polywrapping projects involve enclosing your mail piece within clear polythene and accompany this with a personalised carrier sheet which includes the name and address details, along with any other relevant logos and artwork.

However for larger runs, it may be more desirable to use pre-printed polythene to provide even greater impact on delivery.

Benefits of Polywrapping over Envelope Enclosing

Some of the benefits of polywrapping your mail piece includes:

  • Create high impact on delivery;
  • Use mailpiece as advertising medium;
  • Lighter in weight than envelopes which can sometimes translate into lower postage prices;
  • More cost effective than envelopes.

Technical Specification

  • Mechanical performance - max. 13,000 products/hour
  • Number of inserts - up to 13 inserts
  • Poly thickness - poly 15 - 80 micron (typically we use 30micron Biodegradeable)
  • Product dimensions - min. 160 mm x 100 mm / 6.3"x 4" - max. 420 mm x 300 mm / 16.5"x 12"
  • Product thickness - max. 25 mm / 1.0"

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