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A recent study has revealed that consumer data decays at a rate meaning that up to 22% of mailing data can become out of date on an annual basis.  

We can provide you a free data audit that details just how accurate your data is as well as provides a profile of the contacts within your list. 

Leaving unchecked, this rate of decay could render an entire database obsolete for mailing purposes in just over four years.

The impacts of using this data includes:

  • Waste money on printing production costs
  • Waste money on mailing fulfilment costs
  • Waste money on postage costs
  • Detrimentally affect your brand
  • Increased environmental impact
  • Overall success of mailing campaign significantly reduced
  • Contravene your obligations under the Data Protection Act

To help you assess, we can provide a free data audit that outlines the accuracy of your data.


As well as detailing what enhancements are possible, the audit also provides a very useful overview of the segmentation of your data. This enables you to fully understand the key geodemographic, socio-economic, financial and lifestyle characteristics of the contacts that appear within your data.

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