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data suppression services

There is legislation, marketing guidelines and general good business practice that details that certain types of marketing activities are inappropriate for certain people or organisations.

So whilst the data you hold may be accurate, suppressing your data will ensure you respect the wishes of the recipient and reduce the likelihood of causing offence or distress.  As well as increase your options for receiving discounts on your postage costs as your mailing may become eligible to Advertising Mail discounts.

This is a service set up by Royal Mail that offers postage discounts on bulk mail if data has been cleansed and suppressed.

What Happens if you Don't Suppress your Data?

The impacts can vary depending on a number of factors including the channel, the intended audience and the products/services being offered.   Some specifics are outlined below as part of the service description, but some of the general impacts include:

  • Complaint to the Information Commissioner, with possibility of being fined and the surrounding negatively publicity if you contact companies, organisations or individuals who have registered with TPS or FPS;
  • Marketing spend wasted if target people who have indicated that they don't want to receive mailings or are no longer at that address;
  • Negatively affect your brand and reputation if do not respect the wishes of your customers;
  • Increased environmental impact arising from your campaign.

[icecolumns number="2"][icecol title="Goneaway Suppression"]We suppress against the industry leading files, to help reduce the number of goneaways within your data.

In addition to removing these contacts, goneaways are returned to enable you to update your source database. Alternatively contact can be made via another channel and source data subsequently updated. [/icecol][icecol title="Bereavement Suppression"]Again we suppress against the leading files, so as to highlight and remove any contacts that have been registered as being deceased.

Failure to suppress properly against these lists can easily cause significant distress to the deceased person's loved ones.[/icecol][/icecolumns]

[icecolumns number="2"][icecol title="Mailing Preference Service"]The Mailing Preference Service (MPS) enables consumers to have their names and home addresses in the UK suppressed from receiving unsolicited mail.

There are some exclusions to this requirement, with the most notable being if the company or organisation undertaking the mailing already has an existing relationship with the recipient.

For projects involving marketing campaigns where a previous relationship does not exist, we are able to identify and flag your contacts that are contained on the MPS register.[/icecol][icecol title="Telephone Preference Service"]The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) enables individuals to register their wish not to receive unsolicited sales and marketing telephone calls.

CTPS has also been introduced to cover unsolicited sales and marketing calls to corporate entities.   

It is a legal requirement that companies do not make such calls to numbers registered on the TPS and CTPS

Should you be planning a telemarketing campaign, stay legal and let us identify and flag those contacts who have registered with the TPS/CTPS.[/icecol][/icecolumns]

[icecolumns number="2"][icecol title="Baby Preference Service"]The Baby Mailing Preference Scheme is a suppression service specifically aimed at the marketing of products or services related to babies.  

Whilst many parents are happy to receive information from these companies, in the sad circumstances of the death of a baby, mailings of this nature can cause significant unintended hurt.

If you are considering undertaking such a campaign at this group, then we can flag and suppress any relevant contacts.[/icecol][icecol title="Fax Preference Service"]It is now illegal to fax individuals and organisations in the UK without their prior consent.   Similar to other preference schemes, the FPS provides a mechanism to opt out from receiving faxes.

In addition to it being illegal, the significant harm that fax marketing can do to a organisation's brand make it vital that prior to undertaking a fax marketing campaign that the data is suppressed prior to its use.

Just give us your data prior to its use and we will identify those numbers that are registered with FPS.[/icecol][/icecolumns]

[icecolumns number="2"][icecol title="Credit Pre-Screening"]This service enables us to identify and suppress those contacts who have a County Court Judgement (CCJ), appear on the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Register and contacts who have entered into Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA).

This is a very useful service especially if marketing products or services that require credit to be arranged.  [/icecol][icecol title="Customer Suppression File"]In some cases you may require a mailing list to be suppressed against another list that you hold.   This may be a Do No Mail list, or a list that has been used for another marketing campaign.

In these cases we are able suppress any contacts that appear in your master list if they appear within any number of additionally supplied files.[/icecol][/icecolumns]

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