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Needing some reasons why to choose Advanced Mailing Solutions?

[icecolumns number="1"][icecol title="Quality Control"]Our entire company is managed as part of our ISO9001 accredited Quality Management System.   This manages and continually improves upon our documented processes for ensuring all aspects of our business are delivered within a Quality framework.

With specific regards to the delivery of our customer's projects, our 40 point quality checklist has also been audited as part of our acceptance into the DMA. Being members of the DMA is the single largest guarantee that demonstrates that we adopt best practices in terms of quality and adherence to our legal obligations.[/icecol][/icecolumns]

[icecolumns number="2"][icecol title="Market Expertise"]Mailing is what we are all about and as specialists in our field we make it our business to keep up to date with what’s going on within the mailing industry.

Our extensive industry knowledge combined with many years experience in direct mail production enables us to provide you with the best advice and the most cost effective solutions to maximise your budget and help increase the effectiveness of your campaign.[/icecol][icecol title="Integrated Solutions"]The services we provide are continually being refined to make sure the end to end delivery of our customer's projects are as simple and cost effective as possible.

No matter how bespoke your campaign is, we have the flexibility and the skills to ensure that every aspect runs smoothly.[/icecol][/icecolumns]

[icecolumns number="2"][icecol title="Continual Investment"]Since the very beginning, we have always sought to invest in the latest mailing equipment.

This was to ensure that we can deliver the broadest range of services, at market leading prices and with a view to ensure that projects are completed in the tightest of timescales.  

In the last few years we have invested heavily to the extent that we are now regarded as significant player in the Direct Mail industry.[/icecol][icecol title="100% Mailings"]As with any production process, spoils or damaged inserts is a possibility.

You may be surprised to learn that many other mailing houses will just dispose of these.

Here at Advanced Mailing Solutions, we will reprint any spoils and ensure these get mailed.

And don't worry about any that do get damaged, we shred any personal information before being recycled.[/icecol][/icecolumns]

[icecolumns number="2"][icecol title="Competitive Pricing"]We regularly check the pricing of our competitors to ensure our pricing is amongst the best that is currently on offer.

It is for this reason that we know you will find it difficult to beat our prices.[/icecol][icecol title="Environmental Responsibility"]We take the impact our industry has on the environment seriously, and continue to take measures to minimise any negative impacts.  

To manage our impacts we introduced an Environmental Management System in 2011 which enabled us to become ISO14001 accredited.[/icecol][/icecolumns]

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